I Help People Overcome Difficult Situations Through Solution-Focused Marriage Counseling & Individual Counseling

Everyone experiences challenges and difficult situations. Many people get stuck trying to survive these circumstances. My goal is to help you thrive, to have victory over your current challenges and experience the highest possible good in your specific situation.

Remote Counseling Available All Over California

If you’re not located near one of our offices, I’m happy to schedule a remote counseling session over zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Individual Counseling

Get help dealing with and overcoming a difficult situation in your life, or find out how to work through different emotions and behaviors in order to experience a personal breakthrough.

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Couples Counseling

You don't have to be married to want to improve your relationship with a significant other. From dating relationships to long term relationships, I can help give you the tools you need to improve your relationship.

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Marriage Counseling

If your marriage isn’t as amazing as you believe it could be, I can help you and your spouse identify areas of improvement and ways to restore and enhance your connection with your spouse.

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Family Counseling

Families often include a lot of different personalities and can frequently experience conflict. Get help identifying strategies that can be used to strengthen your family bond while addressing the needs of each family member.

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Check Out My Podcast!

The Highest Possible Good with Tim Geare

Are you ready for personal or relational breakthrough? Tim Geare, a licensed marriage and family therapist, shares the insights and strategies he’s learned over the past 40 years of professional counseling. Join him and his co-host (and daughter) Stacy Posey as they enjoy connecting on the amazing wisdom revealed to him through his private counseling practice helping singles, couples, and parents move toward experiencing the highest possible good in their (often challenging) life situations and relationships.